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DevOps provides a proven set of practices that enable organizations to deliver applications quicker to better connect with customers while simultaneously reducing both cost and risk, at IBIS Creativa we work in Microsoft Azure DevOps stack and encourage the integration or migration to/from other tools.

IBIS Implementation Model

IBIS Creativa, after studying all aspects of the DevOps implementation challenge and after considering the experience of the most successful companies, has defined the following Implementation Model.

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DevOps Services Portfolio

  • Azure DevOps migration.
  • Rollout to each development project.
  • Source Code Government.
  • Help QA Teams to inject Automation into pipelines.
  • Product Testing Automation.
  • DevOps Improvement.

Azure DevOps migration

To streamline the software development processes is necessary to move to the latest version of Azure DevOps.

On-premise first: We start with an infrastructure analysis, later we create a plan detailing a series of steps to complete an in-place upgrade to Azure DevOps Server 2019 after reviewing in a dry run clone. Once the on-premise environment is migrated and validated, as customer wishes, we could:

Then go to the cloud: Is necessary to use a specialized migration tool to run verification steps to discover and fix any errors. After that, is recommended to get ready by testing in a dry run Azure DevOps Services Organization. Finally we import a production backup into the oficial Azure DevOps organizations.

Source Control Government

To deliver faster, is necessary to provide tools, processes and practices to the development teams.

  • DevOps assessment: we evaluate the current status of the software development processes and deliver to the management a gap analysis.
  • Standard process definition: We design a process with modern tools and best practices to standardize internal software teams and external suppliers.
  • Administration of System Configuration Management: We provide experienced personas to administer the SCM platform.
  • Engineering processes training: train the people in the new process.

Automated Process Pipelines

Most of the software development processes are able to automate, IBIS has a staff of DevOps champions ready to implement automated tasks in the pipelines.

  • Continuous Integration pipelines.
    • Technical Debt Calculation.
  • Continuous Delivery pipelines.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Product Testing Automation

Specialized continuous testing services to improve time to market and release faster due to:

  • UAT Automation.
  • Continuous Performance Testing.
  • Integration Testing.
  • Static security testing.
  • Dynamic security testing.

DevOps Improvement

Since everything is automatic, we implement specific metrics to control DevOps processes and thus, detect and propone new improvement projects for being more and more fluent in delivering continuous value to the end users.

  • Lead time.
  • Cycle time.
  • Technical debt trend.
  • Code coverage trend.
  • Application Performance Monitoring.
  • Insights and telemetry.

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